Magic Tools

Ballyyahoo is a tiny little town and not many people live there.  In fact there’s more animals than people. You might say it’s a sleepy little town but I’d say Ballyyahoo is far from sleepy – apart from these cows:


Because there are so few people there’s only one policeman for whole town and he’s only part-time. His name is Sergeant Sid and there’s so little crime he gets bored. When Sid gets bored you have to stay out of his way because when Sid gets bored he starts making up crimes.


Not crimes like stealing or murder but crimes you never heard of, like eating bananas on a Monday, not eating the crusts from your sandwiches, or walking round with your sleeves rolled up.

The kids of Ballyyahoo are always in trouble with Sergeant Sid, so when they see him coming they run the other way.

Sergeant Sid doesn’t know it, and if he did he wouldn’t believe it, but the reason there is hardly any crime is  not because of him! No, the reason there is hardly ever any crime in Ballyyahoo is all because of Biddy the witch and her magic tools.


You see Biddy the Witch has a special stone. The stone has a hole in it. Biddy calls it the istone and the letter I in istone stands for incredible.


Biddy would tell you the istone is best invention there ever was and not just because she’s the one that invented it. Actually these stones are not just incredible, they are magic as well. There are lots of stones with holes in around the beaches and bays of Ballyyahoo. But you can’t just pick up any old stone with a hole in and expect it to be magic.

Unless they have been through Biddy’s special magical istone process the stones of Ballyyahoo are simply the stones of Ballyyahoo and have no magic at all. Only Biddy knows what the special magical istone process is and she guards that with her life.

That magic of the istone is so powerful that if it fell into the wrong hands Ballyyahoo would be more than just gone – Ballyyahoo would be a thousand shades of disappeared!

To learn more about Biddy – read The Witch of Ballyyahoo!


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