Magical Time Suspension


The Witch of Ballyyahoo AKA Biddy is no ordinary witch. She doesn’t look like one, she doesn’t talk like one and she very rarely acts like one. Still, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t got magic powers and magic tools. In fact the witch of Ballyyahoo has got many secret powers and some of them are yet to be revealed.

black cauldron


One of her favourite powers is the ancient art of Magical time suspension. This means the witch of Ballyyahoo can literally stop time. That’s right!  If she catches you in the act of doing something bad, wicked or evil or completely and utterly stupid Biddy can freeze you to the spot for however long she chooses. Depending on how bad you are that could be quite a long time.

If you got time suspended at 10am in the morning and she suspended you until 11pm you wouldn’t notice any time passing at all. It would be bright and sunny one second and dark and cold the next. You could be left very confused and wondering how it got so dark all of a sudden.

dark clouds


This is what Biddy the Witch herself says about the art of magical time suspension:

“…what’s great about being in a state of magical time suspension is that nobody in a state of magical time suspension has even got the foggiest notion they’re in it?”  Isn’t that just the coolest?”

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You can read more from the Witch of Ballyyahoo in this story:





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